melting point

Winters are long and harsh in Tallinn, with short days and freezing cold temperatures. In how far are public spaces still relevant as meeting points, if daylight is scarce and the air almost too cold to breathe? How and where can people communicate in public? The pictures series “melting point” originated from these questions. The photographs were taken at one of Tallinn’s numerous ice skating rinks. Despite the cold and the darkness, people in Tallinn are permanently busy. They like to linger at the rink, doing one turn after the other, falling, getting up, pirouetting. The sport allows them to interact, to meet others and to communicate. In doing so, language loses its importance as a means of communication, the body is used instead to express oneself. These photographs show the bodies gliding over the ice, how they meet and briefly connect – encouraging the viewer to consider the function and the importance of sports for society.


digital photo series 2015