…how’s the weather at your place?

Every day, we hear or read about the weather. Nevertheless, it stays interesting for us, since the weather influences our daily routine, our behaviour, our possibilities and eventually our life. The weather is always a topic of interest, it affects everyone in the same way. People in the whole world like to talk about the weather, no matter whether they have been acquainted for a long time or just met. The weather is the most stereotypical subject for superficial small talk. It typically serves as a conversation opener or gap filler and is thus often smiled upon. Still, we talk about it more often than we think we do and attach a lot of importance to it.

For this artwork, the artist asked several people living in different places to take a picture of the sky at exactly the same time. Later the photographs were shown at an exhibition, where they once again prompted the viewers to converse about the weather.
In addition, each of the photographs tells a story: Which medium did the photographer use? Which frame was chosen for taking the photograph? The differences between the photographs reflect the differences between the photographers.
Moreover, this series attempts to stimulate a discussion about photography as a medium per se. Nowadays, most people have the option to capture a moment with a camera at any time. Mobile phones allow us to take and share a pictures with someone else within seconds. In doing so, the quality of the photographs plays a secondary role.

photo series 2012