Communication does not require face-to-face encounters anymore. The amount of physical contact is declining in our society – although it is of great importance and comfort to people. Alienation and isolation are common phenomena of our time. Communication via electronic means has replaced direct contact.

This work uses electronic signals to allow “old” forms of communication, encouraging physical contact between the performers. The clothes of man and woman have been equipped with conductive threads and fabrics as well as batteries connected to light emitting diodes.
As soon as the conductive areas are touched with respective materials, the LED lamps start to light up. Consequently, people are encouraged to seek direct contact, to touch each other and to communicate face-to-face. This experience has a direct positive impact on the single human being as well as on the community. The light symbolises and reinforces this positive element.


performance 2011
Photos: Johanna Bauer, Dance: Martyna Lorenc & Rafał Pierzyński, Sound: Per R.Ø. Salkowitsch, Make-Up: Kahterine Heller, Video: Florian Voggeneder & Sarah Feilmayr