buy one ant get the other one free

Every day, we are exposed to advertising. However, we usually do not consciously reflect on the ads we see and are seldom aware of the impact they have on us. Most people do not realise that advertising does way more than inducing us to buy certain products. In fact, it also shapes our perception of society. Advertising mainly works with visual images, on many different levels. These images influence our view of women and men. Particularly the image of women, which has been increasingly sexualised. This has contributed to a contradictory image of women in general as well as the sexualisation of our society.

The video installation “buy one and get one free” includes the viewer as part of the artistic engagement. Stereotypical images from advertising are projected onto a wall, in front of which the viewers stand, covering them with the image like a second skin, transforming them into a projection screen as well and thus symbolising how stereotypes are projected onto people through advertising. It becomes clear that men and women see themselves through ads. We cannot get rid of these images as their strong presence makes it impossible for us to escape. People are in fact becoming part of the images. Through this experience, the viewer is inspired to reflect on how advertising influences the perception of the world and oneself.


video installation 2011
Sound Per R.Ø. Salkowitsch