If one awakes from a dream and tries to remember the images they have just seen it proves to be almost impossible. They keep disappearing. Sometimes, a small detail returns, while another one gets lost. As time passes by, reconstructing the dream before the inner eye gets more and more difficult. The pictures begin to blur and become increasingly estranged. What remains are patterns and structures as well as a faint memory which will slowly dissolve.

This series deals with this experience and mixes it with images from the artist’s homeland. The images are presented as fading memories of a dream. While trying to reconstruct them, they deform into structures. What the viewer has just seen, of which world he has just got a glimpse turns more and more into a secret.
As soon as the viewers move through the installation, the images move as well – and are thus changing constantly. They cannot be viewed for a longer period of time, they blend with each other, the room and the viewers.
This special effect is mainly caused by using smooth transparent silk as a carrier material.


textile installation

digital print on silk 2012