The message as well as the aesthetics of this work have been inspired by an analog synthesizer. The synthesizer is considered as the origin of electronic music. A synthesizer uses analog circuits and analog signals to electronically generate sound. Independent modules (signal generators, filters, modulators) are mounted on a rack and connected by jack cables or a plug field.
The way the synthesizer is played by manually controlling the jack cables reminded the artist of the jacquard weaving loom and inspired the performance “Feeeee’Znn”. By means of cables – resembling threads – the player has to find links in order to produce a layer of sound.

For this installation, the surface of a synthesiser was recreated by using a jacquard fabric showing plug fields and jack cables. Lurex threads generate a metallic look. The whole construction is linked to an actual synthesizer, which can be controlled by touching the fabric. The viewer literally serves as a jack cable. By connecting the synthesizer and the control module, they are able to generate sound and compose their own piece of music.


performance/installation 2011
jacquard fabric connected to a synthesizer
technics and sound : Valerie Ebm, Per R.Ø. Salkowitsch & Alexander Mairhofer